Articles: Experimental Topology & Analysis

2013Generalized Placement II: Return to the Crossing Number –(Pre-print)

2012 – Generalized Placement I : Elements of Analytic Knot Theory; Journal S – Line of Beauty, Vol. 5; Journal for the Circle of Ideology Critique.

2011 –  Experimental Topology;  A descriptive account of a conference and workshop in topology and analysis Oct. 28, 2011 in the Los Angeles for Alternatives to Biological Psychiatry: If We Don’t Medicate, What Do We Do?

2010 – The Problem Of Time In Topology; - 2nd Draft - Outroduction to a topological problem of time in Freud (pre-print).

2009 –   From L’être et l’événement to Lettre et Signifiant: critique of Badiou’s reading of set theory and the Lacanian matheme; Web-publication of PLACE (pre-print).

§1 -Table Of Contents & §1-Preliminary

§2 -The Matheme-Set Philosophy of Badiou

§3 - Why is Badiou’s Set Philosophy Pre-Cantorian?

2006 -Topological Dénouement; Formulation of a series of topological arguments on the Sinthome first presented by J. Lacan (1975-76) and refined by J.M. Vappereau (1984); Web-publication of PLACE.

2004- Lost Topology; Essay on the place of topology in analytic theory and practice; Web-publication of PLACE.

2000 -From Tait To Lacan; Early pre-print of introductory text on the Tait Conjectures; future publication sponsored by a grant from the International Figuring Institute, LA, CA.

2000 – The Phantom of Freud in Classical Logic; in Science and Truth; Umbra@, journal for the Center of Psychoanalysis and Culture, State University of New York at Buffalo. Article modifying the classical square of logic into an analytic logic.

 2000 -Experimental Freud- Beyond The Folklore Pre-print Introduction to Experimental Analysis; revised 2011,12, 13.

1999 - Towards a Topology of the Subject; Aesthetics;  Umbra@, journal for the Center of Psychoanalysis and Culture, State University of New York at Buffalo. Article using a logic of time to explain a logic of the trait.

1998 – Introduction to the Theory of Knots by the Conjectures of Tait: Conference of M. Andler, M. Loi, P. Cartier, H. Sinaceur, École Normale Supérieure, Paris.

1989- Introduction To Lock TheoryGeneral Introduction To Links and Locks (Borromeans and Generalized Borromeans) via the Linking Number, Isotopy, and Reidemeister Moves; Laboratoire d’Anthropologie sociale (1988)Paris, France.

1988 – Topiques de Psychanalyse: Logique, Grammaire, Equivocation; D.E.A.; Thesis, University of Paris VIII.

1986 – A Topology of Time; Conference Presentation for the Dept. of Psychoanalysis, University Paris VIII, St. Denis.

Essays and Web-publications

2013 – Children’s book

2006 –  Open Letter To Badiou; A critique of a conference by A. Badiou on Lacanian analysis; Web-publication of PLACE.

2006 – Canguilhem: Preface to the Translation; By R.T.G

2005 The Question of Psychoanalysis; Determining the conditions of psychoanalysis; Web-publication of PLACE.

2005 – The Writing of Catastrophe; Web-publication of PLACE.

2003 –  Depression- The Democratic Symptom; Web-publication of PLACE.

2002 – Does Psychoanalysis Intellectualize the Emotions ?; Web-publication of PLACE.


2009 -  On The Greek Concept Of Teaching And Education; By. J. Lacan (1970); Translation by R.T.G.; Redaction of a conference in 1970 by P. Rapport where Oury, Michaud, and Lacan discuss the problems posed in teaching since the Greeks.

2009- Sinthome; by J. Lacan (1975-76); Translation by R.T.G. Translation and reconstruction of the 6th and 7th lessons on the Sinthome. Uses various unpublished versions of the Sinthome to reconstruct an effective presentation.

2007 –What is Psychology?   by G. Canguilhem. First draft translation – minus footnotes – from the French by R.T.G.: final version published in Critical Psychology,edited by Ian Parker, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2011.

1998 – A Space of Which One Has No Idea; by J. Paulhan: Translation from the French by R.T.G.; published on the Website of PLACE.

Manuscript/Misc. Work Project 1990-2013

2010 – Return to On Knots –  § 3 Abstract-Concrete Knots ; Sponsored by a Grant from the Institute of Figuring.
2008 – Return to On Knots – § 2 – The Placement Problem; (under-redaction)
2000 – Return To On Knots – §1-Introduction to Tait ; Sponsored by a Grant from The Institute of Figuring.
1993 –   On Knots; Translation from the English into French of On Knots by P.G. Tait – Translated by R.T.Groome with N. Epron (full-text + introduction to follow ).


Brief Outline and Chronology §0-Brief Outline